about us

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What's special

We are the world's first game that gives you the opportunity to bring your bikes and your NFT to life. You will also be able to create your own motorcycle, improve it to your liking and put it on our Marketplace for further sale or exchange with other users.

About the game mechanism

It's simple: be faster, and more powerful, to come first to the finish line. Become a professional racer. Be one of the FIRST.


Our bike building technology allows you to mine our token before it even launches on the platform and use the in-game currency in the future internally, to buy NFT bikes and other items. How much you mine in the beginning is how much you get when the coin comes out. The more powerful the bike – the more power you have to mine. The more bikes you have in your collection – the more of our coin output you have.

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One of the most popular trends of this time, and we will create for you a new world of racing in the Meta universe. You'll be able to walk in the future as well as go back in time. Expected to be a collaboration of two universes, where you can create your own character, or transfer a character from one world to another to drive a bike.

Giveaway program.

Start now and win before the game starts: bikes, spare parts, a color you can paint it in, more fuel, real money, cool new NFT, whitelist, secret box, ranks and much more. Follow us on Discord, Twitter, and Reddit, and of course don't forget to subscribe to our Telegram channel.

We'll tell you

about the future cooperation with the 5 World Exchanges. It's not enough for us to be first on one platform, we want to be first on five platforms. We want our players to earn so that YOU will be number ONE in the world. So get ready, and start your engines, we're going to the moon!