We decided to create a custom collection

of metaverse characters on our bikes. Choose your biker club and join. The peculiarity is that you get early access to the game and a 15% discount on the purchase of your favorite bike on our marketplace.
Also, an innovation awaits you, in which we will be able to create an NFT for you of your metaverse characters on our bikes, and increase its price in the market. You can also create your own biker club, in which there will be owners of only one branch of the character of this collection. For fans of passive earning, we add Staking. You can earn from 2.5 to 10% additional income by becoming the first investors in the project.

Our NFTs will be divided into groups


meta characters









Stage 1

We will publish the first 200 NFTs on the Binance platform. All funds from the sold collection will go to the further liquidity of our token. Subsequent sales will take place on our marketplace, where you will receive a bonus of 20% of our token from the NFT purchase amount. All of our NFTs will have a hashrate to mine the game token.

Stage 2

In the future, after the launch of the game, we will start developing AR reality, which will allow you to bring your NFTs to life. Also during this period, you will get the opportunity to create your own metaverse character and bring it to life on our bike.

Stage 3

The first draw will be 1000 NFT, all funds will go to the liquidity of the token. After the release of Metabike coin, we will release another 1000 NFTs, but with other surprises for you. The total circulation of our collection will be 5000 NFTs.

We are the first with whom you will experience new opportunities in the NFT industry.

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